Pregnant? If your ring doesn’t fit, wear it on a pendant.

During pregnancy you may get swollen fingers, which means your rings will no longer fit. Wear your ring around your neck, on a ring holder necklace. There are pendants to which you can attach your ring in a single movement.

When you are pregnant, you want to keep your favourite ring, whether it is a wedding ring, engagement ring or friendship ring, close to you to remind you of your loved one. But if your fingers start to swell, it’s possible that you won’t be able to take your ring off. The last thing you want is for your wedding ring to be cut. So don't take any risks and take off your ring. However, this does not mean that you should leave it at home. Wear it around your neck. On a necklace or a pendant. You can attach your ring to Liu Kachi Design pendants in a single movement and take it off again in the same way. A ring holder necklace will also come in handy after your pregnancy. For example, when you go to the gym and do not want to leave your ring in a locker. Or if you are in the habit of taking off your ring to wash your hands. You definitely don't want to forget it on a sink in a restaurant.

Liu Kachi Design’s pendants are an elegant solution to wear your favourite ring close to your heart. They are also safe. Your ring stays around the pendant, even when you go for a run. Only if you go swimming you should not use the pendant. Because then you can't count on gravity to bring the ring back into place. You can choose from 4 designs, available in different materials and sizes. With or without stainless steel necklace. Liu Kachi Design has a design that suits your taste.

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